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Gandhi Chair or the Tub chair, as it is popularly known locally is a fabulous chair! The origins of the design are not clear, but it is seems to have its genesis in the art deco style. Possibly, improvised to suit the local conditions & simplified to suit the mass market needs.

These chairs were used extensively in the government run schools & offices right till the 1990’s and, to an extent, have even become synonymous with them! Post millennium, as India embarked upon its journey towards economic prosperity, these chairs were rapidly phased out giving way to ‘new’ & ‘better‘ designs. The TUB III Chair is an adaptation of this design handmade exclusively out of vintage recycled teak salvaged out of old houses or factories with an upholstered seat.  Tub III’s back contours are specifically designed to give maximum comfort to the back thus, making it Ideal for dining, study or waiting areas.

Materials :  Reclaimed Teak

Dimensions inches : L 22” x  W 22” x H 29”

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